The weather here has been insanely toasty and sunny, yet I somehow managed to have these photos taken during the 20 minutes of overcast-ness (it's a word, don't judge). Although it's hotter than hot, I somehow cannot seem to tear myself away from this Sparkle and Fade dress from Urban Outfitters. Its sweetheart neckline, duo-chrome effect and playful skirt just keeps me wearing it again... and again... and again... and... no.  


The Charcoal Gray Maxi

brandy melville maxi skirt, zara black and white sandals

I never understood the hype about maxi skirts until I picked up this gray one from Brandy Melville. Suddenly, a bright light flashed and all my problems were solved -- well not that dramatic, but I realized that I had been missing a piece of clothing that does not sacrifice comfort for style. I find that anyone can look instantly more stunning just by throwing on a maxi skirt and a simple t-shirt, like the one I am wearing from Vero Moda. I am now on the hunt for another maxi skirt.. or two...


Urban Floral and Lace

topshop floral shirt, pull & bear jean shorts, jeffrey campbell lita, menina elegante

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it" - Confucius